Miami DJ Ross One (still “Ross Schwartzman” to his family back in Ohio) shies away from the term “celebrity DJ.” Still, he’s keeping more and more A-list bottles popping, thanks to his multi-genre, high-energy party sets spanning everything from house to rock to Southern hip-hop.

Since industry friends convinced him to decamp from New York five years ago, he’s set himself apart on the South Beach scene by introducing locals to relatively left-field sounds— most notably spun at LIV, Arkadia, Tao Las Vegas and his weekly Favela Beach bash on Tuesday nights at Wall. “It started as a real homegrown party among friends,” he says of Favela, “[and] developed a reputation for playing newer, independent dance music you wouldn’t hear elsewhere.”

Beyond even those sonically international parties and residencies, Ross hopes to further share his diverse tastes through a new mix he’s released with fellow DJ pal Roctakon, The Notorious Party Boy Soundtrack. “It’s more the music we like to hear when we go out on our own,” he says, “anything from the Stone Roses to Van Halen to Usher.”

Ross’ set at Marquee Las Vegas’ New Year’s Eve afterparty spurred impromptu performances by Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z, as well as a personal entreaty from Diddy: “He requested one of his new songs, and put a bottle of Cîroc on every table when it came on.”

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