Facundo Pieres led his polo team to a 2010 Triple Crown win. Here’s how he maintains a keen sense of style off the field.

A Typical Day in Palm Beach
I wake up around 9 AM and head to the stables to check on the horses before practice at 11. Then it’s over to Cilantro’s near the fields for lunch with friends. If I’m lucky, maybe I'll get a quick nap, too. Next it’s off to work out with my trainer, followed by a late-afternoon tennis match at the International Polo Club of Palm Beach or a round of golf at The Wanderers Club.

Miami Haunts
For drinks: Soho Beach House
Best restaurant: Mr Chow, or Novecento for when I’m craving Argentine food
Live music: You might find this hard to believe, but I like Hard Rock Cafe.

Personal Style
Watch: My Hublot is sleek but still sporty.
Casual wear: Etiqueta Negra. Their jeans and Pima cotton T-shirts are perfect for every day.
Jeans: In terms of cut, I like a straight leg.
Sneaks: Vans or Converse All Stars. They’re comfortable and go with everything.
Haircut: The style on the field right now is long hair, which is great because I don’t have to worry about cutting it too often.
Cologne: Carolina Herrera 212
Skincare: I keep it simple. Soap and water is all I really need.

Art & Leisure
Latest book: La Sociedad de la Nieve by Pablo Vierci. It’s the story of the Uruguayan rugby team that survived that plane crash in the Andes.
Latest film: The Fighter
For fun: Tennis and golf. I think all those years playing polo have made me more apt to play sports that make me use my arms.
On your iPod: The Killers, Brandon Flowers, AC/DC, Eminem

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