Venezuelan-Italian Yordano di Marzo, one of Latin America’s most acclaimed singer/songwriters of the past 20 years, just released his latest album, El Deseo Edición Especial.

FASCINANTE: What inspires you?
Nothing in particular and everything at the same time. What I hear from other people, what I read, my day-to-day experiences, an emotion….

And what is your own desire?
Aladdin was only granted three wishes, but I wish for so many things. The word “desire” goes beyond the song I wrote for my latest CD. I start by wishing the best to the people I love—my family and my country—but of course I need to start with me: I want to enjoy life!

Does it bother you when people change the meanings of your songs or attach their own tags or emotions?
On the contrary, I’d actually rather not have to explain what they mean. When I write, my focus is on lyrics; hey have to be simple. The most personal can actually be the most universal. As long as the feelings are genuine, people will connect. I enjoy it when followers make out their own images and colors, and I like freedom. My songs and lyrics are open.

Do you believe music can change the world?
To change it, as easy as it sounds, no… but it can definitely inspire individuals by changing their beliefs. Of course it could work either way, for bad and for good.

What sets you apart from other artists?
The same thing that singles out my fingerprints from others. Only I can say things the way I do. It’s like cooking: Two chefs could prepare the same recipe using the same ingredients, but the plates will certainly taste different.

What would you do to make this world a better place?
I dream of creating the vaccine against stupidity, a concept I once wrote into a song.

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