Kate looks great again and isn’t freezing to death in Everybody’s Fine opposite Robert De Niro, which arrives in theaters in December. “I was a little nervous about costarring with a screen legend,” she admits. “Fortunately, I play De Niro’s daughter. Since he’s sort of a Method actor, that’s exactly how he treated me. He plays a father who’s trying to reconnect with his grown-up kids and it’s a very sweet story. Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell play my brother and sister, and we really did feel like a family.

“My own daughter, Lily, played the young me,” she adds with obvious pride. “So the whole thing was a very family affair. Her first scene was with De Niro. He couldn’t have been nicer to her. If anyone’s nice to my daughter, I love them forever.”

But Beckinsale admits she couldn’t help being a stage mom. “When I saw Lily step in front of the camera I just got obsessed and nervous,” she admits. “I was watching on the video monitor, shaking and quivering a bit. But she did great.”

Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt Take on the Nazis

Talk about a change of pace: Quentin Tarantino has gone from gangster and kung-fu movies to his own WWII epic, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Inglourious Basterds, with a cast that includes überstar Brad Pitt, follows the “Semitic squad,” a special unit of Jewish-American soldiers sent behind enemy lines to shake up the German troops.

The former video-store clerk turned Hollywood legend admits that visions of his favorite war movies got him thinking about tackling the genre. “I remember all those films where you see GIs on a mission that mix everything I love to do—action, adventure and comedy,” he says. “The Dirty Dozen was a huge influence. That was the starting-off point, but then I began going my own way, as I always do. In the end, it’s sort of a WWII revenge fantasy. If I were still working in a video store, that’s the section where I’d put it.”

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