25, 6’2”,


Front Models

Bobby is an operating partner of All Broward Pool & Spas, but when he’s off the clock, all it takes to get him wild is some tequila and good house music. This educated family guy is as obsessed with soccer as I am with him—however, he admits he “doesn’t do the whole drama thing,” which clearly renders me useless.

Fictional best friend: Scooby-Doo

Song you’re embarrassed to love: “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha

What you find irresistible in a mate: The eyes! They never lie, and if there’s an attraction between two people, it will show up there first.

What makes you a good lover: I’m not jealous and am willing to talk about everything, even your ex.

Talent you would most like to have: Mind reading Something about you no one would expect: I really enjoy cooking— plus, I’m good at it.

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