26, 6’1”, Aquarius Wilhelmina Miami

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting this boy with the curious perma-grin, you know it’s impossible not to love him. Alex likes to listen more than speak and is looking for a special girl with nice lips, no ego and a sense of humor. He calls the Playboy Mansion “overrated” and claims he’s a good lover because he “lives for the moment.”

You dance around in front of your mirror to: Michael Jackson

Fictional BFF: Atreyu, the kid from The Neverending Story

Where you are happiest: Free-falling from 18,000 feet

Favorite journey: Surfing off the North Island of New Zealand with my three best friends Favorite hookup songs: Monifah’s “Touch It,” Thievery Corporation’s “Lebanese Blonde”

How you keep your relationships fresh: Using the element of surprise. I’ll fly halfway around the world and pop out of a closet in Spiderman underwear.

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