9:30 PM: Café Martorano, Fort Lauderdale
Jonsin and his wife Janell’s party of 16 sit down to a mighty feast. There’s something charmingly boyish about his crew. No one wears ties to work, and you get the sense that they’ve cracked many a joke at each other’s expense. Among the crowd is songwriter Steve McEwan, who cowrote Eminem’s “Space Bound,” and Kevin Buckley, the guy who helped introduce Jonsin to racing. To my surprise, proprietor Steve Martorano, a celeb in his own right, is actually behind the line cooking.

The party downs meatballs, calamari, Philly cheesesteaks and pappardelle layered with prosciutto and slathered in truffle oil. Jonsin’s going on about racing with Buckley and stops gesticulating only to eat, then he’s off again, looking for a moment like a music conductor as he waves his hands. Tomorrow Jonsin’s in the studio with Ne-Yo, then it’s off to race at Daytona. He has a record label for artist development with Atlantic Records, and he’s currently working with B.o.B and Mary J. Blige. On top of that, there’s American Idol and various racing business ventures. “I don’t feel busy,” says Jonsin. “I felt busy when I used to fix cars and lay tile floors. That was busy.”

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