TV personality/bombshell
Laguna Beach, California

Kristin is a constant contradiction. One day she's craving the spotlight and appears to be everywhere—including the opening of a Pinkberry—and the next she’s desperately fleeing for some alone time on the beach, where she enjoys reading a good book. She makes no excuses for her actions and always plays by her own rules, which is why MTV is betting you won't be able to take your eyes off her this season, when she replaces her nemesis, Lauren Conrad, on The Hills.

I could've been: A physiologist
Underrated: Road trips
Strangest rumor: That I have a little brother. They said his name and age and everything. It’s strange because it’s just so random to make up.
Celebrity crush: Anthony Kiedis
I'm obsessed with: The show Californication
What I find irresistible in a guy: Confidence but not cockiness!
Memory of my first kiss: My boyfriend in sixth grade stuck his tongue in my mouth and it freaked me out. I thought it was disgusting.
Best hangover munchies: Pizza dipped in ranch dressing
Overrated: iPhones

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