Angel Ambition

Her road to Angel-dom was not easy or quick, but Aldridge credits her supportive parents and good, old-fashioned elbow grease with getting her where she is today. “I’m lucky to have had a real foundation in this industry, and my success developed over time,” she insists. “It must be scarier to come out of the woodwork one day and suddenly be a top model. I did all the jobs I didn’t want to do, and got on all those airplanes I didn’t want to get on. But a big key all along has been my belief in myself. A couple of years back I said, ‘Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret.’ And then, ‘I want to be on magazine covers.’ All of it has since come true. You have to aim big!”

ON LILY: Corset, Dolce & Gabbana ($795). Rings, Cartier (prices on request).  

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