Artist and founder, Esvedra

Age: 31. Provenance: Munich.

Wall Street to Wynwood: Tarta, who continues to operate an established investor-relations consulting firm in Germany, gave in to her creative, tropical calling in 2008, launching stylish furniture line Esvedra. During Art Basel Miami Beach this month, she unveils an exclusive collection at Scoop NYC in the Shore Club South Beach. Why Miami? “There’s such dimension in culture and art here lately. This city holds tremendous creative potential. And I’ve always valued change, so I thought, Why not start a new adventure?” Wood nymph: Tarta uses Balinese teak in crafting her exquisite hand-carved Buddha heads and raw, naturally formed benches and tables. She lacquers her pieces in vibrant hues and patterns, then accents them with acrylic, stainless steel and Swarovski crystals. “It’s about reinterpreting this strong, traditional wood and turning these iconic symbols into something modern yet warm.” Design vs. art: “I describe my work as utilitarian art,” says Tarta, who has collaborated with Ferrari and plans to show at DCOTA in Dania Beach early next year. “It’s meant to be not only admired visually, but also touched and used.”


In a name: Metis is the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Favorite Miami interlude: Sunrise meditation on the beach

Design preference: Midcentury Modern

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