Three-time world barbecue champion and winner of too many state and national trophies to list, pitmaster Myron Mixon has brought his talents to Miami. The menu for Pride and Joy, a salute to American barbecue, was still under wraps at press time, but it’s honed from a lifetime of playing with fire (Mixon’s dad let him man the pit as a child), while the interior evokes an amalgamation of roadhouse saloon and Southern heritage.

While barbecue is refreshingly unglamorous, what’s the most glamorous dish on your menu?
Wagyu beef brisket.

The restaurant’s unique dish?
Cupcake Chicken (a chicken thigh smoked in a cupcake tray, lathered in special sauce).

The history behind your food tradition?
My family came to the colonies in 1650 at Jamestown, Virginia. They migrated south through the Carolinas and into Georgia. This is where my roots for cooking come from—a true Southern flavor.

Your food mentor?
My dad, Jack Mixon, barbecue man (who owned several barbecue joints near Unadilla, Georgia).

Your dog-eared kitchen cookbook?
Smokin’ with Myron Mixon: Recipes Made Simple, from the Winningest Man in Barbecue, but it’s not dog-eared, because I know the recipes.

The ingredient you’re obsessed with now?
Jellies. I use different kinds in my sauces and glazes.

Any recent food-related discoveries?
The muffin pan for my Cupcake Chicken.

The music at Pride and Joy?
Classic rock.

Earliest childhood memory involving American food?
I was probably 5 years old, and my dad let me help him clean catfish and fry them for our meal that night.

The meal you’ll never forget?
It was 1971, when I was 9. [Dad] trusted me to grill T-bone steaks for our family. They were great. It was the biggest rush in the world.

Words of advice for aspiring chefs?
Set your goals and be tunnel-visioned. Never deviate off your course, and when naysayers tell you, “You can’t do that,” let it make you stronger.

Chef you’d most like to share the kitchen with?
Gordon Ramsay. He reminds me of me, just with an accent.

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