Owner, Curve boutiques in Los Angeles, New York and Miami Beach. Being Bulgarian: Growing up in her grandmother’s atelier, Borissova stays true to her roots by stocking Bulgarian imports. “Miami’s a city of immigrants, so they love stories about self-made people. They also love dirt, like how I dropped out of high school and opened my first store at 22 years old in order to have more clothes.” Rescue mission: “There are too many fashion victims here. I’m not going to send you out there looking like a clown. Once a customer trusts me, they’re game for anything.” Each season, she edits 400 collections to 40, including Isabel Marant, Preen and Erickson Beamon—investment pieces rather than trendy throwaways. Paying it forward: Emerging designers still stand a chance, since Borissova not only devotes 30 percent of inventory to the category, but funds collaborations including her private label due out this fall. “We’ll have a new designer three seasons before Vogue features them.” Life check: “Having a kid. Now I have to work smarter.”


Miami dream: Owning a penthouse at the Helen Mar

Miami cliché: I love Cuban food.

Addiction: 1stdibs.com

September Agenda: Fashion’s Night Out

Fall fashion must: Little tweed blazer. I’m having a crazy Chanel moment!

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