Liz Scott with her Cayenne Turbo from Champion Porsche in Pompano Beach

Liz Scott, Socialite
2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
White exterior, beige leather interior
Engine info: Twin Turbo V8
500 horsepower
Price: $104,800 (2011 base)

Knowing beautiful girls must arrive in style, gal-about-town Liz Scott set out to find a dolled-up Cinderella carriage sleek enough to make striking entrances. And once her best girlfriend scored a new Porsche Boxster from Champion in Pompano Beach, Scott headed over to investigate and do some shopping of her own. In no time she fell under the brand’s spell, claiming, “I feel it’s an extension of my personality.”

Her Cayenne Turbo is as sexy as it is durable and speedy, yet also versatile enough to hold her myriad portables. “The back of my truck is like a storage space,” admits the single mom. “I’ve got basketballs, gym shoes, a gift-wrapping kit….”

Why this car? “It’s hard to find a truck with a look you like and great performance. But the Cayenne picks up speed very well, and I love its style. The look on mine is innovative, sleek, modern and over-the-top. The interior, too, is different from that of most SUVs.”

Almost bought: “I test-drove a Mercedes-Benz truck and Range Rover Sport. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo outperformed both.” Thoughts on hue: “I just think white is a really clean, fly color for Miami.”

Favorite feature: “I have the sensor parking assist, which has crippled me because if I ever get a car without it I’m sure to have an accident. You get so used to it! It’s the best investment in the world.”

Customizations: “I bought it off the lot and didn’t get any work done, but next time I’m going to opt for some tailoring. You can get the roof that retracts all the way back, and they actually have those window panels, like with the Maybach, that come all the way up.”

Previous car: “A 2005 Mercedes-Benz ML500.”

Next car: “I’m thinking of sticking with Porsche. Maybe I’ll get the Panamera next. I’ll go with white again, but this time I may have to have fire-red seats.”

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