He may have been born in Cuba, but Oribe was raised on the fashion runway. At least that’s what you think when you peruse his bio; is there a legend with whom the famed hairstylist hasn’t worked? From supermodels (that’s Oribe’s tattooed arm pulling Christy Turlington’s hair in an Allure layout) to high-wattage photographers (he still refers to Irving Penn as “Mr. Penn”) to the pinnacle of A-list designers (Versace to Lacroix and everyone in between), there’s supremely little in fashion that Oribe’s talented hands haven’t touched. All of which, of course, makes an appointment at his Lincoln Road salon nothing less than an event. As this is Ocean Drive’s Beauty Issue, Oribe proved the perfect candidate for some hair-raising questions. date for some hair-raising questions.

A Miami summer is all about heat and humidity; what's the best advice you'd offer a woman to guard against wilting hair?
Go wavey, always have a Plan B, such as a reat hair pin, or rubber band

What's the one mistake you find most women make regarding their haircare regimen?
Sometimes people are unrealistic about their hair. Work with your hairdresser to find the perfect products that work for you

What celeb has the best hair and why?
Adam Lambert. Not sold on him yet, but he does have great hair. Why: because it's thick and it looks like Elvis.

Whose Hollywood hair would you love to get your hands on?
Maggie Gyllenhaal. Why; because I think she's cool looking.

What are your favorite iconic hairstyles of 20th century?
Elvis Presley and Brigitte Bardot

What recent movie featured the most fab hair?
Avatar I thought - the hair was sexy, stylized and somehow fresh. Love the tools.

What hairstyles do you hope to never see again?
Poodle puppy cut and village idiots' haircut.

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