I’ve been living at Bon Bon, Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny’s new Tuesday-night bash at a smallish club called Juliet. The event has all the concentrated sparkle and high spirits you’d expect from the idiosyncratic nightlife legends, the only danger being that you often feel a little underdressed.

Two other events brightened up the night with stabs at high culture. First came a Karole Armitage gala at BAM, where the Tony-nominated choreographer presented a rousing work called Itutu, which she did in conjunction with African musicians. The result was Itutu much!

And then there was an Algonquin Round Table event, commemorating the 90th anniversary of the original grouping, whereby esteemed writers such as Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley used to let the wit fly and the bons mots land. This time, I shared the stage with Albert Maysles, Paula Froelich and Joel Stein, all of us trying to stay witty even as topics spanned Heidi and Spencer, Megan Fox and texting mania. It wasn’t easy, considering the table they positioned us at was rectangular!

But if you want some real wit and wisdom—ahem—try my book! No, really!

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