It was hard to fathom that we haven’t partied like it’s 1999 in more than a decade, but Miami’s own Manny Hernandez recently held an exhibition of his most memorable celebrity and social photographs from the South Beach halcyon days of 1990 to 1999 at The Palms Hotel & Spa. Attendees included many of Hernandez’s subjects over the past 20 years, including J.R. and Loren Ridinger, Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne bon Haes, Toby and Stephanie Ansin, Erin Newberg, Debbie Ohanian and Juan and Lucrecia Loumiet, who turned out to mingle and reminisce over images of Gianni and Donatella Versace at the opening of their boutique on Eighth and Washington Avenue in 1993; Christy Turlington being photographed on the beach by Herb Ritts in 1996; Liza Minnelli leaving the Jackie Gleason Theater in 1997; and Hugh Hefner on his bed at the Delano, circa 1998. “That decade was epic. Back then it was still candid, and you didn’t have all the planned, orchestrated shots you have today,” says Hernandez. “But trust me when I say there are still enough characters and things happening around here to keep it interesting until at least 2099.”

TOP LEFT IMAGE: Scottie and Larsa Pippen. RIGHT: Lisa Cortes and Leticia Grendene at Sam Robin's birthday party. BOTTOM: MannyHernandez, Adrienne bon Haes and Marvin Ross Friedman at Hernandez's reception.

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