That biblical-sounding mother/daughter act Madonna and Lourdes launched their Material Girl line for fashionable young gold diggers (sold at Macy’s), but Mama Madonna decided that she alone should do publicity for the line while Lourdes stays mum. As the enduring superstar announced, “Eventually I will let her. I feel like she needs to get into high school and focus on her studies.” And by the way, though Lourdes reportedly did most of the designing for Material Girl, it turns out she isn’t going to fashion school; not surprisingly, she’s entering the LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts.

Oh, but don’t let Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto near a department store if you can help it. As the personable power belter told me for Paper while stopping by MTV for a taping, Ditto used to routinely steal at Goodwill stores and, some time ago, blithely lifted an outfit at Marshalls. She just didn’t feel like waiting on line! But not to worry: Ditto swore to me that those days are over, and nowadays she’s only grabbing for attention.

A designer whose work is so wearable that Winona Ryder once famously pocketed it, Marc Jacobs turned up at a Thursdaynight bash at the sprawling restaurant The Park. That’s not too newsworthy in itself—the only shock here is that despite the warm weather, the ageless designer was wearing pants for a change instead of his trademark kilt. “I like to mix it up,” Marc admitted to me, impishly.


The clothes were minimal when models were trotted out in shorts and bathing suits for a runway show at the height of Jeffrey Fashion Cares, a charity event held on the Intrepid cohosted by entrepreneur Jeffrey Kalinsky. Bravo biggie Andy Cohen and actress Heather Matarazzo studded the crowd of fashionable types piling into the upscale-Love Boat-type environs, but the most amusing reactions came on the way out, when a big bottle of Tom Ford cologne in the gift bag turned out to only be aftershave. People looked so horrified you’d think they’d been on the Titanic.

Disappointment was on the menu once again when a sampling of aesthetes turned up for the Tastemakers event at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. The food was a little sparse, so people got extra excited on hearing the announcement: “There’ll be a butchery demonstration on a whole pig in five minutes!” And at a new Meatpacking District restaurant called The Collective, ribs, deviled eggs, fudgesicles, baked Alaskan Ding Dongs and other comfort foods are gussied up and made somewhat upscale—which fits perfectly since the décor is comprised of recycled objects turned into art. Old license plates made into hanging birds? Even Lourdes would be impressed.

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