“Glorious ERIKA KOOPMAN, cofounder of the Harrison & Shriftman PR agency in Miami, has now started a new business with Brittany Socol with a flagship boutique in Aventura. Clients can design and personalize their own clothing and accessories on the spot, either on-site or in the comfort of their home. The enterprise’s success has been bolstered by a partnership with Royal Caribbean, which offers their customized T-shirts onboard. This glamorous mother is also very involved with Make-AWish Foundation of Southern Florida.”








“A great addition to Miami: Born in Paris with Persian roots, fabulous NIMA ZANDY is the owner of nimka.com, a website and productbranding company with offices in Boston and Miami. An avid kite boarder, he is married to the talented and beautiful Michelle Areces, proprietor of the boutique catering and events company Petit Pois. Together they entertain their many international friends with delicious and exotic dinner parties.”




“A rock-star couple: ALEJANDRA and TICO TORRES. He is well-known not only for being the brilliant drummer of Bon Jovi, but also for his talent as a painter and sculptor. And he maintains a hectic pace with his charity, The Tico Torres Children Foundation, and a clothing line for tots called Rock Star Baby. Meanwhile, she has launched a website, theepack.com, which helps organizations promote sustainability and corporate development. When not traveling throughout the world, they adore their home in Miami.”






“Cosmopolitan bon vivant (and Ocean Drive style editor) JOHN LIN is back in Miami as head of communications for The Webster and Kaspia, for which he produced a very successful debut runway show and rooftop opening. He did the same in Paris for handbag designer Gabriele Corto Moltedo—son of Bottega Veneta’s founder—overseeing multiple PR outposts while traveling between Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Previously he worked for furniture icon Luminaire, creating their Puppy Love auction during Art Basel Miami Beach. Welcome home!”








A sensational couple: SILVIA TCHERASSI and MAURICIO ESPINOSA are responsible for elevating the Miami fashion scene with a boutique and atelier in Coral Gables, not to mention six more locations in Colombia. They travel the globe seeking inspiration for their celebrated Silvia Tcherassi label, which includes one-of-a-kind fashion, divine accessories and a hotel in Cartagena, which they designed from top to bottom. Mauricio is also an acclaimed author, and writes when he finds time.”

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