“Ravishing LILAJ SEGAL BATTISTA and her handsome husband, ANDREA, came from opposite sides of the world and fell in love in Miami. Born in Tel Aviv and raised in Argentina, Chile and New York, she was brought up like Eloise at the Plaza Hotel: Her father was in the hospitality business, so she spent eight years living at the St. Regis in Manhattan. Now she is the head of marketing and membership for the new Soho Beach House Miami. Andrea, from Rome, is a hair stylist at Cutler Salon by day and an artist by night.”











“Born in Patagonia, good-looking PEDRO RIVERA WIENER designs furniture and one-of-a-kind objects for the interior-design industry. All his creations are based organic forms found in nature, since he believes in spiritually showcasing the world in which we all live. This naturally talented pilot also loves spending hours in the air.”







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