"Sofia Viagra.” “Jessica Rabbit.” Colombian-born Sofia Vergara has collected several nicknames during the course of her career, all intended to evoke the Kardashian-level curves and smoldering looks that have made her a top talent in two languages. The 37-year-old model and actress appeared on hit Hispanic television soap operas and hosted dozens of Spanish-language events before crossing over to mainstream US programming, a difficult transition not often achieved. Landing roles opposite Tim Allen, Mark Wahlberg and Terrence Howard, Vergara proved her appeal transcended national boundaries, a fact underscored by her cover appearance on over 100 international magazines. But these days Vergara is most often recognized as Gloria, the fiery on-screen wife of Ed O’Neill in ABC’s popular sitcom Modern Family. Named to The Hollywood Reporter’s “Hispanic Women Power 25” list, and the founder of the Peace and Hope for the Children of Colombia charity, Vergara proves that Maxim spreads may have opened the door, but she’s running the house.

What is the ideal Miami night?
Dinner at Quattro, drinks at Wall, more drinks and dancing at LIV.

What three things must you always travel with?
Book, blackberry, and Colombian coffee.

Who has ben your greatest inspiration?
My son Manolo.

What is your greatest indulgence?
Good food.

How has being on a hit sitcom changed your life?
Mucho dinero!!

What is the difference between "beautiful" and "sexy"?
Who cares! But Latin women are both!

What does no one know about Sofia Vergara?
I can read a 400 page book in 2 days.

What song sums up your career so far?
La vida es un carnaval - de Celia Cruz.

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