She brings a certain authenticity to vulnerable and troubled roles, from Hustle & Flow to 8 Mile, in which she worked alongside Eminem. (She confesses to still having a crush on the rap superstar.) This multitalented artist—a former state champ in karate—will show her chops on the new series Hawaii Five-O.

Best reasons to visit Miami: Sra. Martinez, Nue Studio, Bardot, Nobu, STK, Ago and, of course, the beaches

First song you remember loving: “Purple Rain”

Best movie soundtrack: Pulp Fiction

What you find irresistible in a mate: A sense of humor, confidence, a big heart, a love of animals, killer hygiene

Turn-offs: When a guy smokes right when he wakes up, or drinks milk with his meal

Worst job: Johnny Rockets. Cooking greasy burgers with a smile on your face as a vegetarian isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Most overrated: Ke$ha

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