Have you had a chance to enjoy the Miami nightlife?

Oh, I did let loose in Miami. We were filming a bit of the show and I came for the store opening. I don’t drink, but my sisters forced me to because they think I’m uptight. So I did for them. We went all around. It’s kind of a blur. I hate drinking.

Usually you’re the picture of health. Speaking of that, there’s your series of workout DVDs, Kim Kardashian: Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.

When I was doing Dancing With the Stars, I thought I was going to get in the best shape ever, but I didn’t stay on long enough. I was then approached to do a workout DVD and I knew I had to do it. It doesn’t hurt that I have a boyfriend into fitness. He thrives on it, so it’s fun to do as a couple.

What’s your relationship with Reggie like?

He only cares about football, and really couldn’t care less about the Hollywood life. It’s not a struggle, because we balance each other out. In his house, it’s only SportsCenter, and in my house, it’s only E!

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