As we recount the other Miami, we're getting to know some of the city's coolest residents.

The Creator: Amanda Del Duca
"Slashing" out a whole new outlook for Miami style.

Amanda Del Duca

Much like the city she calls home, there are many layers to Amanda Del Duca, the founder of, an online retail store for women with multiple passions. Acting as a stylist, blogger, and now company founder, Del Duca says our town inspires her to capture Miami fashion on her blog and help others dress for whatever their passion may be. “Our motto is ‘You’re done finding yourself, now create yourself,’” she says. “I want people to look at the content we produce and feel that it really represents the new Miami.”

Cool fact: Del Duca was selected as a muse for luxury eyewear company Linda Farrow’s 10th-anniversary campaign.

The Revivalist: Zach Bush
More than half a century after it closed, a classic is born again at The Ball and Chain.

Zach Bush

Authentic is cool, and there’s nothing more authentic than Miami native Zack Bush and his newest venture, Ball & Chain, a revamped version of a classic Calle Ocho nightclub. From 1935 to 1957, jazz greats like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong took Ball & Chain by storm, and now Bush is bringing it back with live music and a top-notch beverage program. “The vibe will be totally preserved—just modernized a bit,” he says. “Little Havana is an incredibly authentic area of Miami. When you walk the streets of Calle Ocho, you know you are in a special place.” 1513 SW Eighth St., Miami, 305-643-7820

Cool fact: The first big party thrown at the new Ball & Chain was Bush’s wedding in August.

The Blue Jean King: Stacy Glover
For a denim couture shop in Wynwood, jeans fit like a glove.

Stacy Glover

Being comfortable in your skin is the definition of cool, but being comfortable in your clothes is the next step, according to Stacy Glover, a self-taught fashion designer and founder of Caveat, a made-to-order custom jeans company run out of his Wynwood workshop. Yes, custom-tailored denim. From size and style down to zipper and pattern, Glover has men and women in all shapes and sizes tailored to perfection. “Superb fit is our vice, and we’re a bunch of junkies that seek out the same high every day,” he says. “We design, manufacture, and sell staple pieces with modern updates in high pursuit of cool.” 448 NW 28th St., Miami, 305-501-4646

Cool fact: Glover changes his clothes twice a day, every day, because as a child he was a huge fan of Mister Rogers.

The Wave Maker: Carlos Reyes
A local surfboard maker doing anything but just riding the tide.

Carlos Reyes

No matter how you slice it, the coolest part of Miami is the sand and surf, and while our waves aren’t exactly killer, Carlos Reyes has locals surfing in style with C-Shapes, his custom surfboard label. As the local surfboard shaper, Reyes is a one-man surfboard factory grinding out boards for the in-the-know beach crowd. “We do have a large surfing community,” he says. “You should see the joy on their faces when we do finally get some surf. The motto ‘Life’s the beach’ applies here, too.”

Cool fact: Reyes starts every day with an early-morning prayer and bible study.

Vintage Vibe: Cat Shell
The sound of sophistication.

Cat Shell

There’s a degree of nuance and sophistication that often gets lost in the South Beach scene, but Cat Shell is bringing it back one note at a time as alter ego Kitty Carmichael. Alongside her band, she belts out old-school jazz and soul remixed with modern beats at Regent Cocktail Club, the beach’s ultimate date-night lounge. “Some people know the songs and sing along, others just dig the groove and the vibe,” she says. “It’s a great mix of people looking for something slightly more sophisticated than the norm.” Regent Cocktail Club, 1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 305-673-0199

Cool fact: The Kitty Carmichael band just got back from a two-month residency at The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

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