Shades by Dita

“In the Miami sun, you have to have the right collection of shades. Dita makes aviators in styles that work for every occasion, from poolside parties to a red-carpet function.” dita.com


Suits by Waraire Boswell

“He enhances my personal style with his signature classic twist in every piece, paying close attention to detail.” wb-collection.com


Art by Romero Britto

“I’m an art lover, and Romero Britto’s gallery is a fantastic place. They have great options for kids, too. His vibrant style brings out the best of Miami culture.” britto.com


Soho Beach House

“I love the beach, Cecconi’s food and just relaxing in the spa. It can be as chill or as social as you decide to make it.” sohobeachhouse.com


Slingbox PRO-HD

“It’s like carrying a satellite dish with all my favorite channels in my pocket, so it’s perfect for life on the road.” slingbox.com


The Setai

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