Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre

American Laser Skincare
This all-female-staffed clinic offers an individualized skin-type assessment to outline a customized treatment plan. It uses the Zimmer- Cryo cooling process, where cool air is blown on the skin to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Prices vary per package; 777 Arthur Godfrey Road, Ste. 300, Miami Beach, 877-252-3752;

Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre at Cityplace
This spa’s virtually painless GentleLASE by Candela has been dubbed the “Rolls Royce of hair removal” and should have you stubble free in about five sessions. The process for a routine bikini and underarm laser smoothing takes only 10 minutes, leaving plenty of time to lounge in the sunny relaxation room and treat yourself to tea and snacks. $950 for a series of five bikini treatments; 701 S. Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, 561-820-0500;

The Brow Shoppe
This homey spot may be small and unassuming, but its technicians’ prowess at shaping brows is legendary. Employing a mix of threading, tweezing, and de-fuzzing with warm herbal facial wax— combined with a particular talent for studying proportions—these experts produce arches that can stop traffic. Starts at $30 for brows; 4567 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Miami, 305-666-7770;

Dr. Jhonny Salomon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa
Unlike the old days of electrolysis, when one follicle was painfully electrocuted at a time, laser hair removal now takes a fraction of the duration, is more effective, and requires fewer visits. Dr. Jhonny Salomon uses GentleLASE (or GentleYAG), the most advanced long-pulse alexandrite laser available, to target follicles and even help remove ingrown hairs. A burst of cryogen quickly cools the skin, so that you barely feel the heat and avoid discoloration or damage to the area. Starts at $100; 6705 Red Road, Ste. 708, Coral Gables, 305-270-1361;

Remède Spa
Turn your grooming mission into an indulgent hour at the Remède Spa at The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort. Aromatherapy-scented stripless hard wax is used on the face or bikini area, while speedy wax strips are applied to arms, legs, and back. A soothing cream completes the session, after which guests may enjoy the steam room, sauna, or whirlpool. Starts at $45 for bikini waxing; 9703 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, 305-993-3300

Rik Rak Salon
The bar and boutique at this 6,000-square-foot salon can turn your waxing appointment into a social event—and a glass of wine will take the edge off any discomfort associated with the quick snap of hair being whisked from its roots. An experienced technician makes all the difference between velvety baby skin and red bumps; waxing guru Leticia Collazo has more than 30 years of experience and uses a warm wax with anti-inflammatory azulene oil. Starts at $40 for bikini waxing; 1428 Brickell Ave., Miami, 305-371-5577;

Sultry Eyes Lash Studio
Even the gentlest waxes exfoliate skin, so those who use retinoids might prefer threading, which doesn’t remove anything but hair. This studio practices the ancient Indian method that is particularly easy on the eye area, where skin is thin. There is no tugging or heat, and the treated area remains just a little pink for about an hour. $20 for brow threading; 1701 Sunset Harbor Dr., Ste. 206, Miami Beach, 305-535-6887;

Uni K Wax Center
A haven for people with sensitive skin, this salon dedicated solely to waxing uses a product that will cause no irritation or allergic reaction. The secret? A combination of aloe vera, pine resin, and bee’s wax that is all-natural, organic, and made fresh every day. And forget that scalding sensation you sometimes get when wax is too hot; here, it’s applied at body temperature. Starts at $19 for bikini waxing; 771 17th St., Miami, 305-531-7777;

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