A Basel-friendly collaboration with The Webster is just one way Francisco Costa is celebrating his first decade as women’s creative director for Calvin Klein Collection.

Francisco Costa
“I really just wanted to express what I was feeling,” says Francisco Costa, women’s creative director for Calvin Klein Collection.

Francisco Costa had only attended Art Basel once before, but this past year, he says, he felt right at home. “The thing I loved was that it was so democratic,” he says. “It was like going to a park or a promenade, and everywhere you looked, [there was] more art than you would find in a museum. And the families: I was looking at something, and two families walked in, two couples with eight kids, to look at the art. How exciting is that?”

Costa trekked to the December art fair in Miami Beach to debut an exclusive Calvin Klein resort collection at The Webster, a collaboration with the retailer’s CEO, Laure Hériard Dubreuil—and make no mistake, the creative director for Calvin Klein Collection’s womenswear is a fan. “Laure is unbelievable: so spirited, so beautiful, worldly, and interesting, and the store really reflects that,” Costa says. “You feel like you’re in a different world when you walk through The Webster. Not many retailers buy with passion these days. It’s usually much more corporate in thinking.”

items from Calvin Klein Collection

The Webster carries exclusive items from Calvin Klein Collection, inspired by the works of artist Ellsworth Kelly.

The Webster collaboration was inspired by the graphic lines and bold hues of Ellsworth Kelly—though it was Hériard Dubreuil who insisted, Costa notes, on including Kelly’s signature red among the pieces earmarked for her Collins Avenue boutique. “Her eye really is genius,” he says.

For the Spring 2014 collection that just arrived in stores, Costa looked to combine the graphics of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Pablo Picasso with the sensuous lines of New York-based British painter Cecily Brown, whom he deems a favorite. As he moves into his second decade at Calvin Klein, successful in his quest to drive the brand forward while always respecting its DNA, you sense Costa’s confidence as he pursues these increasingly adventurous avenues: “I really just wanted to express what I was feeling.” 1220 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 305-674-7899

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