For a manicurist, Tom Bachik is something of an anomaly. The California native is every bit your typical type-A competitive dude: “Skateboard, snowboard—I pretend I surf, but it’s more like floundering on a board—that kind of extreme Southern California lifestyle,” is how he describes himself. It’s hardly the kind of CV you’d expect of someone in the beauty business.

But he always had an artistic side, and it was his interest in graphic design and airbrushing that got him off the surfboard and into nail school. After making a name for himself winning nail-art competitions, Bachik, a married father of three, hooked up with an agency and began editorial work at a string of top national magazines.

Bachik often found himself on jobs with Chanel makeup artists who shared the brand’s latest colors with him, and he was hooked. He started calling in samples for his kit, using Chanel shades on his clients (who include Victoria Beckham and Beyoncé) and in print. It wasn’t long before Chanel tracked him down, and a partnership was born.

“One of the things I love about Chanel is that they don’t just come out with trendy colors—they set the color trends and everybody else follows behind them,” Bachik says. “My goal is to get the colors out there, as much as possible, for everybody.” Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Ave.

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