Twenty-five years after launching her now world-famous clothing line, American designer Donna Karan continues to export her brand of chic, New York City-inspired minimalism to the world stage. She recently made a stop at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, presenting a particularly seductive Spring collection that evoked weathered canvases and the power of the elements—sky, water, wind, sand, earth and fire. “I look at a person not from the outside but from what’s going on inside,” says Karan. “I’m able to address and dress the issues.”

That passion for addressing issues on a larger scale can be seen in Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation, whose retail stores by the same name benefit health care, education and the preservation of culture. Oddly enough, a fascination with culture may have made this writing assignment more difficult for Karan; she attended the show with her arm in a cast (hence our subtitles). “I was in Australia with the Aborigines in a burial cave and I broke my arm. You wanted to know about my spiritual quest. There it is.”

What do you consider “Miami style”?
DONNA KARAN: Sun—fun—spirit

Which up-and-coming designer are you particularly impressed with and why?
DK: Haider Ackermann... sexy, simple, day-to-night

What item of clothing do you wear too often?
DK: Urban Zen necklace from Senegal

What’s your greatest indulgence in life?
DK: Travel—travel—travel

Where will you vacation this summer?
DK: Tibet, India, Indonesia, Africa

What are the fashion trends you’re most excited about for spring?
DK:Natural, long, feminine, sensual

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