Gee Beauty partners Celene, Stephanie, Miriam, and Natalie Gee

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Natalie Gee, her sisters Celene and Stephanie, and mother Miriam launched the offshoot of their Toronto flagship in Bal Harbour last August. Each has special skills to contribute. Natalie is the studio’s eyebrow-shaping master, Miriam the skincare guru, and Celene handles the creative direction, while Stephanie oversees Canadian operations.

What is the difference between the Miami client and the Toronto client?
NATALIE GEE: In Toronto, women are not so interested in showing off their bodies. It’s a sexier market here, and clients want to be more glamorous. Oil is also a bigger factor in Miami, and clients are always trying to decongest and detoxify their skin, so we sell a lot of masks. Clients here are also more international, so skin types are more diverse.

How do your clients’ requests differ, depending on their age?
Younger women are just beginning a skincare regimen, and they are usually shopping for one product. We often recommend sunscreen. Those a bit older are beginning to get fine lines and have some pigmentation issues. They are looking for antiaging products like retinols, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, as well as eye creams.

What surprises you about Miami clients?
They are extremely knowledgeable about ingredients in the products. Since many get injections and medical-grade ingredients from their doctors, our South Florida clientele are particularly results-oriented, and they won’t buy products unless they can see them work.

So which products really sell?
SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum ($144, 30ml)—it increases cell turnover and makes skin look brighter and tighter. We sell about 20 each week. Tata Harper Skincare’s Hydrating Floral Essence ($65, 50ml) also does well. It comes in a travel size and is perfect for Miami because you can spray it all day to hydrate and control oil.

Are there any new trends in waxing?
Brazilian is still hugely popular, and there is also a lot of full-body waxing now. In Toronto, people would come in every month or two. In Miami, they are here all the time. It’s hot and you never know what party or beach you will be at.

Tell us about Miami’s current makeup trends.
The Miami look used to be smoky eyes and light lips—very J.Lo—but now it’s strong lips and eyes accentuated with lashes and full brows, not shadow. Cheeks should be subtly illuminated—flushed and fresh.

And mistakes to avoid?
Stay away from too much color on the eyes or cheeks; it looks unnatural. Save color for the lips!

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