Zoë Nouet

Nineteen-year-old Zoë—the progeny of developer Craig Robins and Cuban-American actress Ivelin Giro—describes herself as a “sweet and tender hooligan,” and claims she was a kitten in another life.

Sense of humor aside, this detail-oriented artist admits that—when it comes to fashion—she’s “not interested in labels. It’s all about quality.” She’s currently working on an online custom shoe-design website with partner in crime Rochelle Roque, where customers can create their own funky pumps based on simple templates, prints and fabrics.

Soon she’ll pack her vintage bags and move to New York, where she’ll grow the site and take business to the next level. “It will allow
you to design truly original shoes that reflect who you are.”

The Look: Dress, Roberto Cavalli.
Photographed at Craig Robins’ home on Sunset Island II in Miami Beach.

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