The Juicy Lifestyle
In addition to a selection of fashion and art, we’re playing with an assortment of lifestyle items such as custom-designed surfboards and accent pillows. We curated the collection specifically as an expression of Juicy Couture Miami. Some are more obvious, like a resin-sculpted flamingo by Jay Kaplan, but then there are subtler pieces such as Hannah Hooper’s paintings and Christian Astuguevieille’s Deco-inspired mirrored works.

Street Cred
We’ve been very committed to giving the South Beach location its own distinct aesthetic, like Art Deco detailing, lots of white and hits of neon. And then, of course, there’s the whole beach/nightlife sensibility—spending the day on the sand and then going out clubbing is very South Beach.

Special Edition
Viva, Miami! We love the style, culture and architecture of this city, and the Viva Miami T-shirt is our way of saying, “We’ve arrived!” The limited-edition style is only available in Miami and will be the first [of a series of items] designed specifically for this location.

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