Why Miami for this initial outing of the Vault concept? (It will land elsewhere, although those locations remain under wraps for now.) The team behind the boutique point to the city’s diversity and knack for drawing an eclectic mix of shoppers. Also, the chance to be part of a retail area on the upswing—the “anti-mall” experience of Lincoln Road, particularly the western end.

Apparently business has been “brisk” over the first six weeks of Vault’s existence. Yet unlike so many things new to Miami, it has flown under the radar, at least for now. In fact, owner Yakir Shoushan seems to get a kick out of surprising the unsuspecting souls who wander in off Lincoln Road, only to find Leica cameras—and not a pair of Ray-Bans in sight. He loves seeing customers spin around, trying to figure out the kind of store this is. The answer? It’s one where Montegrappa pens will soon be in stock, and where your most difficult decision might be choosing between a gold-, pearl- and diamond-laced necklace from Loren Jewels or a pink-gold and white-diamond bracelet from Shamballa. The owners look forward to the day when Vault customers will be able to sit in the back of the store—in what will become a “virtual area”—and place an order for a yacht or a private jet.

Vault also plans to launch an eponymous line of dog tags, jewelry and fragrances. In essence, the shop is unpredictable in a good way; they want you to jettison preconceptions of a luxury boutique and yet, at the same time, to expect the world.

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