He’s crafted a pump to look like a lion’s paw and covered his highly coveted heels in crystals, metal spikes and embroideries from haute-couture houses, so one shouldn’t expect Christian Louboutin’s first-ever book to be anything approaching ordinary. Hitting shelves this month to celebrate the designer’s 20th anniversary, Christian Louboutin (Rizzoli, $150, available locally at Books & Books) is a visual feast for the footwear lover’s eye, from its foldout cover in faux pink leather to its luscious photography by Philippe Garcia and David Lynch. The Blue Velvet director’s work is especially prominent in a chapter titled “Fetish,” also the name of the 2007 photo exhibition on which Lynch and Louboutin collaborated. Paris-based writer Eric Reinhardt offers a behind-the-scenes look at elements essential to the Louboutin DNA: his early fascination with the stiletto heel, an apprenticeship with the Folies Bergère that nurtured his sex-intensive aesthetic, and especially the origin of those lust-worthy red-lacquered soles. No spoilers here on that detail. Suffice it to say that you’ll never view your pedicure quite the same way again.

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