Age: 24
Provenance: Torino

Social network: In 2005 Chevallard launched Del Toro shoes after he and a couple of friends crafted velvet slippers sporting their boarding school’s crest to wear at graduation. “We looked into having them custom-made, but it would have taken too long and cost a fortune,” he explains. “It was easier just to produce them ourselves.”

If the slipper fits: Chevallard took some logical next steps last spring: Del Toro shoes recently branched out beyond velvet, suede and linen into moccasins, boat shoes and driving boots, embroidered with everything from a rose to a skull and crossbones. “We’re giving the traditional Prince Albert house slipper a modern sensibility, hoping to reach a young, stylish crowd,” says Chevallard, who moved to Palm Beach when he was seven. Handmade just outside Madrid and lined with super-supple leather, they’re sold nationally online at and locally at the Soho Beach House boutique.

Velvet goldmine: Though Del Toro was founded in Palm Beach, Chevallard believes moving the business to Miami was key to its success. “This city appreciates forward-thinking design,” he says. “I want to bring the velvet shoe to the masses.”

Best Miami meal: A Sunset Island dinner party with friends
Favorite vacation spots: Sardinia and the Italian Alps
Cocktail of choice: Bulleit bourbon and Coke at the Soho Beach House
Dream design collaboration: Pharrell Williams, Lapo Elkann

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