FROM TOP: Ankle-strap wedge ($920), Lady Dior handbag in metallized lambskin ($4,500), and Mise en Dior necklace in leather and resin ($3,600), Anselm Reyle for Dior. 191 NE 40th St., Miami

Fashion and art have always been inextricably intertwined—think of Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965 Mondrian dress, or the designs Elsa Schiaparelli conjured in the 1930s from sketches by Salvador Dalí. In the past few years, Art Basel Miami Beach has proven a perfect venue to showcase the marriage of fashion house and artist, and among the hottest to debut this month surely will be the accessories collection courtesy of a collaboration between Christian Dior and Anselm Reyle.

Known for his large-scale abstract paintings and found-object sculptures, the Berlin-based artist delved into the label’s DNA, pinpointing such iconic pieces as the Lady Dior handbag. He imbued each with boldly toned twists, such as the signature cannage topstitching in neon pink or orange on the Lady Dior, or camo prints and just a splash of topstitching on an ankle-strap wedge or the Polochon satchel. “Most of my work builds on objects that already exist, which I then transform,” Reyle explains.

Art Basel audiences will get the first US glimpse of Anselm Reyle for Dior—and its relationship to the artist’s work—at the label’s 3,100-square-foot Design District pop-up shop, set up through December 10 at 191 NE 40th St. On the heels of our ever-burgeoning art fair, the collection will be featured in only a few US cities January through March—including Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour—but don’t opt to wait: Basel attendees are more fashion-savvy than ever, and the anticipated frenzy over Reyle’s hot collection could leave you out in the cold.

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