CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Finished look; sculptural chignon; Antonio Corral Calero

At Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Moroccanoil artistic director Antonio Corral Calero didn’t have to look far for inspiration to create his superchic runway chignons: He found it in his childhood Barcelona home.

“My parents had a copy of one of Julio Romero de Torres’ paintings in the house, La Chiquita Piconera, and I wanted the hair to have a very Spanish feel to it,” he says. “A lot of the girls you see in South Beach do a very easy low bun, which is so chic.”

To get the sculptural shape, Calero parted the hair on the side, pulled it back and rolled layers underneath to create something reminiscent of a seashell, securing it with pins and finishing with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.

But whether he’s working backstage at shows in Miami or New York, Calero says that the most important considerations are that the hair looks healthy and the style can be created at home. “Sometimes, when consumers look at magazines, the hair pictured doesn’t relate to the type of hair they have,” he says. “I want to give them something that’s wearable for them.”

Moroccanoil is available at Chez Badeaux Salon, 1235 Alton Road, Miami Beach

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