Most of the aestheticians interviewed say that 15 percent is the right amount to tip for any service performed in a salon, but if a service doesn’t cost much and was done with care, throwing in a few extra bucks is always a good idea. Hair assistants should also receive $3 to $5, but only if they give you a head massage during a shampoo or race to fetch you a beverage. If you’re in for a gloss or any additional treatment, $5 to $7 is more reasonable. Our makeup sources say a $10 tip is nice for a makeup application in a salon or boutique, but associates at a mall counter shouldn’t be able to accept your tip. And remember, you never have to hand a few extra dollars to the owner. One last piece of advice that applies to all of us getting any service at any salon: Arrive on time. “Showing up 15 minutes late for a half-hour appointment,” one stylist says, “is Miami’s biggest problem.”

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