Igal Haimov, owner of Haimov watches, spoke to us about his devoted clientele and what we can expect to see from him this year. —Jane Kellogg

Taking shape: I don’t just buy and sell; I design everything myself. Everybody has round, square and oval shapes, so I did these beautiful octagon watches.

Hey, big spender: Believe it or not, most of the watches I sell are the most expensive ones—above $25,000. My watches start at $2,000 and go up to $62,000. I deal with the big-time guys. Timbaland has been my client for more than two years, and once he purchased six watches from me at one time.

In living color: I’m working on my new collection of 18k gold watches with hightech movements. It’s something very different: The face of the watch can become any color you want.

Watch them: All of those celebrities— like 50 Cent and Paris Hilton—get so many gifts, but they wear my watches forever.

Special treatment: Many celebrities aren’t comfortable making large purchases in public view, so I built a private room for my VIPs.

Miami state of mind: This is my hometown and we’ve had the store here for 20 years. Now we’re ready to expand and have plans to open more stores in New York, LA and Vegas. My watches are sold in 50 high-end stores around the world right now, but next year, we are going to add 30 more.

33 NE First St., Miami, 305-760- 8600; haimovwatches.com



1. All-black diamond watch

2. Black rubber and steel with diamonds

3. Iced Out—our most expensive piece

4. Ladies Haimov watch with a pink face and “Haimov” on the left side of the case in diamonds

5. Haimov bracelets

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