While his inaugural outing defined who Tom Ford is as a womenswear designer, standing on his own and not beholden to a house with DNA built by another, this follow-up illustrates his highly pragmatic vision for crafting the ideal wardrobe. “Every woman needs a perfectly cut, tailored suit for day, a black cocktail dress, a smoking, a perfect pair of pumps with high heels,” he says.

“Tom has evolved with the times, but he has not left who he is behind; that’s what makes him so special,” Valletta says. “He has a very clear viewpoint of women and design, and he’s held fast to that, even as you see his ideas expand. His clothes have become more intelligent, sharper and more focused, and more exquisite.”

That idea also extends to his growing beauty line: In September, Ford launched a comprehensive 132-piece collection that ranges from cosmetics to skincare and brushes, as well as three additions to his fragrance line: Jasmin Rouge, Violet Blonde, and Santal Blush. With beauty counters brimming with choices these days, how does Ford view his collection as a solution? “There are a lot of promises and products out there that you do not even need, so when I started designing the skincare and cosmetics collection, like with anything else I design, I did a lot of research,” he says. “I spent time trying to understand how to compensate for the architecture of the face and designed products that were practical. My formulas are proprietary and really the best that money can buy. The colors are rich and original and the finishes flawless. That is what sets us apart: quality and straightforward products to help every woman amplify her beauty.”

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