Vilebrequin’s vibrant swimsuits have become the beach uniform for stylish men from the Seychelles to Saint-Tropez. Nicole Farnault, manager of the swim line’s Bal Harbour boutique, gives us the scoop on what keeps her clients coming back.

Global glam: Zaza de Brito, Vilebrequin’s head designer, takes her inspiration from a different location every season. We even have an Everglades swim trunk with palm trees, flamingos and little scooters.

Rabbit season: Everyone has been loving the Rabbit swim trunks this season; they’re really cute and kitschy with bunnies all over. The baby blue with green rabbits has been the most popular; we’re almost sold out.

Like father, like son: Our matching fatherson trunks were something we came up with to meet our clients’ demand. We had so many people coming in and saying, “You guys should really make stuff for our sons,” so we did and it turned out to be very popular.

Royal treatment: We get a lot of royalty at the Bal Harbour Shops store, particularly sheikhs from the Middle East. We have no problem closing the store for them. We were also recently visited by the King of Angola, who picked out a few father-son sets. And we’re popular with Latin American celebrities, like the pop singer El Puma.

Surf’s up: One new style that’s been selling well is the Ocean. It’s a bit like a board short, and is really long, really hip and kind of sexy.

1. Moorea cut
2. The Route to the Beach
3. Corner of Paradise
4. Calanque linen shirt in dark blue

5. St. Barths sweater

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