Neat and Sweet Chilean Pisco Pairings

September 05, 2013 | by liana lozada | Food & Drink News

Pisco Control Mistral Nobel 40
Pisco Control's soon-to-launch Mistral Noble 40°

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda described pisco as "a million rays of sunshine in a single drop," a reference to the spirit's birthplace, the Andean Valley, which enjoys 300 days of sunny skies per year. In fact, pisco can only be produced in the Atacama and Coquimbo regions of central Chilé, as we learned during the Miami leg of Pisco Control's Million Rays of Sunshine Tour. 

Chilean pisco is exclusively made in single batches using alembic or pot stills and may be single-, double-, or triple-distilled. The spirit then rests for a minimum of 60 days in stainless steel tanks or in beechwood barrels. After resting, white or silver piscos are ready for sale. Guarda or reposado piscos will sit again for at least 180 days more in active American or French oak barrels. Aged or añejo piscos, meanwhile, endure the process for a year. What to pair with these prime piscos? For the answer, we turned to master pisco sommelier Claudia Olmedo.

Pisco Control C (Triple distilled): A berry-filled, white chocolate bite blends well with Pisco Control C's herbal notes. The white chocolate brings creaminess while the berries add fragrance. Pisco Control C is also delicious with a passionfruit-filled dark chocolate.

Mistral Gran Pisco 46° (Guarda): A liquor-like texture and tea notes make Mistral Gran Pisco perfect for espresso lovers. The subtle taste of banana cream pairs well with intense coffee flavors.

Mistral Noble 40° (Aged): Napoleons, vanilla cakes, and puff pastries match Noble's rounded, feminine taste. Expect notes of apricot and dates.

Both Mistral Gran Pisco 46° and Mistral Noble 40° will be available in Miami this October. 

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