Proper Sausages Takes Links to the Next Level

October 05, 2013 | by bill kearney | Food & Drink News

proper sausages

Proper Sausages’ Freddy and Danielle Kaufmann

Necessity is the mother of deliciousness, or at least that’s how it all began for Proper Sausages. Danielle Kaufmann, who moved to Miami from England five years ago, found herself pining for the links of her youth, often saying, “You can’t get proper sausages around here!” So she bought a meat grinder, sausage skins, pork, and spices. Before long, she and her business-partner husband, Freddy—who worked in the kitchen at Michy’s— were hawking their links at local farmers markets. This past March, they opened a brick-and-mortar shop in Miami Shores and have been selling their creations to restaurants such as Blue Collar, The Broken Shaker, and Essensia Restaurant and Lounge.

Now they’re putting out a range of sausage styles, all made with humanely raised Berkshire pig, a heritage breed originally from England whose darker, more marbleized meat is considered more flavorful than typical “commodity” pork. The namesake link, the Proper, is modeled after UK sausages, and blends pork, fresh sage, mace, and black pepper. Other iterations include prune and Cognac; fig and blue cheese; and the Black Tie, with cherry-wood-smoked pork, black truffles, and chanterelle mushrooms.

With the success of the sausages, they have evolved the Miami Shores space into a deli/butcher shop of sorts, selling Florida-raised Jackman Ranch wagyu beef, which is hormone and antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and grain-finished for greater marbleization. It also offers Lake Meadow Farms poultry (Rhode Island Red chicken, Pekin duck), and delicacies such as lamb ragu and wagyu chili. Proper also makes a burger patty out of wagyu brisket, not a blend of cuts. “Getting to grind one piece of meat that has its own fat results in a much nicer texture, and brisket is pretty fatty but it’s also really flavored,” Freddy says. To top it off, the team crafts its own bacon, curing and smoking the pork belly, and slicing it thickly. They sell it by the pound, but also use it on what might be the best BLT sandwich this writer’s ever had. 9722 NE Second Ave., Miami, 786-334-5734

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