New French Pastry Chef at Villa Azur

September 26, 2012 | Homepage

Villa Azur pastry chef Sébastien Feneyrol

Château-style restaurant Villa Azur has welcomed a new addition to its South of France staff in pasty chef Sébastien Feneyrol. The expert chocolatier and confectioner was trained by three-star Michelin chef Anne-Sophie Pic, who owns the infamous Maison Pic restaurant in Valence, France and was the 2011 “World’s Best Female Chef” (as awarded by World's Best 50 Restaurants Awards).

"One of the most important lessons that I have taken with me is to respect the product, be innovative every step of the way, and always incorporate my unique touch of creativity into each treat," says Feneyrol of studying under Pic.  

At Villa Azur, Feneyrol is most excited about evolving the dessert menu with total carte blanche from executive chef Mickaël Bensa. "They value my creativity and this is extremely important for me to bring my best dishes forward," explains Feneyrol.

In the coming months, he hopes to revamp old classics like soufflés, while continuing to present signature staples like his beloved macarons, which he perfected while working at Ladurée in Paris. They are the best-known makers of macarons in the world!” he says of his macaron alma mater.309 23rd St., Miami Beach, 305-763-8688

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