The Borscht Film Festival Returns

April 14, 2011 | Homepage

A burgeoning local filmmaker and mastermind of the Borscht Film Festival, Andrew Hevia talks about this year’s fest and the state of Miami’s independent film scene.

Tell us a little about Borscht.
ANDREW HEVIA: Borscht is a film festival run by filmmakers. We don't just show movies, we make them. We've managed to highlight some of the best filmmakers in town and we've been able to work with some great ones.

What’s the film roster like, and which are you most excited about?
AH: Besides mine, I'm super excited about a couple. You’re not supposed to pick favorites; Chlorophyl by Barry Jenkins is an incredible movie. Otto and the Electric Eel is hilarious and bizarre. La Pageant Diva is one I'm super curious about; directed by Franco Parente and produced by Jon Kane, it's the top talent on Miami's local scene.

Tell us about your film, Death Springs Eternal?
AH: It's about a 500-year-old conquistador. He found the fountain of youth with Ponce de Leon and has spent the last 500 years searching for the one thing he can never have: death. So now he just wanders the city filled with boredom.

Do you think Borscht has had a hand in the independent film renaissance in Miami?
AH: I would like to think that we're a part of the emerging culture, yeah. I feel a lot of it has to do with this twenty-something generation of Miamians coming back to the city instead of leaving right away for more established scenes. I’d like to believe it's because it's possible to have an impact here.

The Borscht Film Festival runs through April 23.

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