All About Acupuncture

October 11, 2012 | by —LIANA LOZADA | Pursuits

This month, The Standard Spa’s resident acupuncturist and astrologist, Lori Bell, will take Miamians on a five-phase journey through the world of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. In a special workshop ($30) on October 22, Bell will help students discover their core type (earth, fire, wood, metal, or water) and learn how to balance their “qi,” or life force, which is the goal of Chinese wellness practices, such as acupuncture.

"Our bodies are constantly seeking to balance and strengthen naturally. We are always changing and adjusting to stress daily, and I help balance that out by approaching the body as a whole—the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual," said Bell, who specializes in Chinese medicine and has apprenticed in China and Tibet. In her nearly 20 year career, Bell as worked with patients suffering from infertility, AIDS, and paralysis. She hosts several sessions at The Standard Spa each month and is available for private appointments. All courses also allow for unlimited use of The Standard's popular hammam bathhouse. 40 Island Ave., Miami Beach, 305-673-1717

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