Local Sculptor Bends Gravity

December 03, 2012 | by —brett sokol
| Pursuits

A great fortune is a great indentured servant by Sinisa Kukec, 2012

“Instead of fighting gravity, how can I make it work for me?” muses Miami artist Sinisa Kukec. “What kind of accidents can I create?” That’s more than a merely abstract notion for Kukec, as evidenced by several of his pieces in “New Work Miami 2013,” a new group show surveying the Magic City at the Miami Art Museum. The gravity in question takes Kukec’s blend of vibrantly colored epoxies and sends them cascading down like unfurled tongues, draping objects such as a pair of intimately intertwined chairs. The net effect is akin to 3-D updates on Morris Louis’s color-field canvases from the late ’50s and early ’60s—like that fabled painter, Kukec is as interested in the process as in the finished result. It’s an approach that puts him in good company with several of the exhibition’s other studio-oriented artists, including sculptor Loriel Beltran and photographer Odalis Valdivieso—though unlike many of his peers, Kukec doesn’t hide behind postmodern artspeak in explaining his inspirations. One series of his works tackles a subject dear to many artists before the rise of academicism: a broken heart—Kukec’s own in this case, rendered in eye-popping shades via epoxy oozed down a large piece of paper and pooled on a Vaseline-smeared shelf attached at its bottom. Yet for all the pain supposedly channeled there, the end results are downright gorgeous, packing a viscerally pleasing punch that lingers long after you’ve left the museum. How to explain that dichotomy? “I can contradict myself in the same breath,” laughs Kukec. “It’s what being human is all about.” The opening celebration for “New Work Miami 2013” is December 6 at the Miami Art Museum, 101 W. Flagler St., Miami, 305-375-3000

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