Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2013

December 17, 2013 | by APRIL WALLOGA | Pursuits

perez art museum
Museum Director Thom Collins walks the halls of the Pérez Art Museum Miami. (photo: Claudia Uribé and Jeff Gale)

1. Perez Art Museum Puts Miami on the Map
By Bill Kearney 

In this December issue feature on the new Pérez Art Museum Miami, deputy editor Bill Kearney takes a deep dive into how the game-changing public art museum came to be, and how it reflects on Miami as an international cultural hub. >>Full Story

gloria estefan
Gloria Estefan photographed at the New World Center. (photo: Andrew Eccles)

2. Gloria Estefan Raises the Standard
By Ray Rogers

For our most iconic cover coup of the year, Gloria Estefan opens up about her 35 year marriage, growing up Cuban in a racially-charged 1960s Miami, the inspiration for her latest album, and her talented daughter, Emily, who Estefan says is "the best musician of all of us." >>Full Story

Catch Miami Cantonese Lobster
Catch Miami's Cantonese Lobster. (photo: Noah Fecks)

3. Miami's Best Restaurant Dishes of 2013
Local gourmands including Ingrid Hoffman and Lee Brian Schrager weighed in for this piece, which rounds up the five best dishes of the year. From Haven's duck quail burger to Catch Miami's Cantonese lobster, consider this your official 2013 restaurant dish bucket list. >>Full Story 

Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz. (photo: Mathieu Bitton)

4. Lenny Kravitz Lives Outside the Lines
By Ray Rogers  

We could barely keep up with all of the Facebook messages, tweets, and reader enthusiasm for this October issue cover story. A true renaissance man, Kravitz got candid about his multifaceted career, modern family with ex-love Lisa Bonet and daughter Zoë Kravitz, and Miami favorites. >>Full Story

bottle service in miami
Our July/August issue popped the cork on the evolution of bottle service in Miami. (photo: Shutterstock)

5. Miami Bottle Service, Six Figure-Style
By John Warech

Nightlife industry veterans and scene staples like David Grutman speak up in this feature on Miami's over-the-top-bottle service. From the humble excess of the 1980s—when the defunct Club Nu used ice-filled garbage cans to serve 20 plus bottles of Cristal to rappers and their entourages—to today's $100K bottles of Ace of Spades, bottle service has come a long way. >>Full Story 

miami startups
A few of the inspiring minds featured in our story on Miami's tech boom. (photo: Gary James)

6. Startups Fuel Miami's Tech Boom
By Marc Goodman 

Miami's electric energy has nurtured (and attracted) a new crop of innovators who've put our city on the verge of a subtropical tech boom. In this October issue feature, we shine a light on a few local startups with bright ideas. >>Full Story 

lotus house miami
Lotus House director Constance Collins (center). (photo: Gary James)

7. Lotus House Helps Women Rise Up
By Jason Fitzroy Jeffers

This profile of Lotus House director Constance Collins is one of the most compelling stories of hope we've ever published. Serving the Overtown community, Lotus House provides 68,000 meals a year and shelters more than 110 women and children daily. Here, we get to know the lady of the house. >>Full Story

pubbelly founders
The three friends behind Pubbelly. (photo: Jose Carlos Ariano)

8. Pubbelly's Cinderella Story
By Marc Goodman

This September issue dining story gives a front and back of the house look at Pubbelly's "improbable success." Now major Miami restaurateurs, the trio behind the six-location mini empire certainly didn't have anything handed to them. >>Full Story

miami skyline
Ocean Drive magazine took its name from the enchanting looking street itself.

9. A Look Back at 20 Years of Ocean Drive
By Suzy Buckley Woodward

It seems like only yesterday that we burst onto the scene with January 1993 issue cover star Claudia Schiffer. And as Ocean Drive has grown up, so, too, has Miami. In this January issue anniversary feature, we recap 20 fabulous years of people, fashion, art, food, and of course, parties. >>Full Story

shannon hori
Shannon Hori, one of our six "Real Miami Beauties." (photo: Jana Cruder)

10. Real Miami Beauties: 6 Women We Admire
By Juliet Izon

In a city filled with plastic surgeons, flashy cars, and step and repeats, inner beauty is a priceless commodity. Our annual "Real Miami Beauties" highlights six local women who are beautiful from the inside out. >>Full Story

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