Zaha Hadid Talks One Thousand Museum Tower

November 04, 2013 | by liana lozada | Pursuits

From rumors of its announcement in late 2012 to a slow trickle of imagery throughout the whole of this year, the design world can't know enough about Biscayne Bay's forthcoming One Thousand Museum Tower, Pritzker architecture prize-winner Zaha Hadid's first skyscraper in the western hemisphere. While the first renderings of the building's exoskeleton design and lavish amenities (helipad, too many pools to count, 11,000 square foot, full floor unit floorplans) had everyone talking, the latest visuals of the tower's sales center hint toward Hadid's interior design scheme. Browse the slideshow above for a look at the fluid, futuristic plans and then read what Hadid has to say about their inspiration below.

Tell us what inspired the design for the tower's sales center. 
ZAHA HADID: We embed each project within its context by employing a whole series of articulate relationships established from features of the surrounding environment. Miami is a breathtaking location where the water and sky frame a cosmopolitan and diverse city. There is this amazing dynamism in the city that should be reflected in its architecture. With its location on the waterfront—but also in the center of Miami’s cultural district—it was extremely important that all these influences, specific to its site, were incorporated into the design.   

For you, what is the most exciting feature of One Thousand Museum?
ZH: The exoskeleton is the key feature of the design, a fusion of architectural and structural expression. The flow lines of the exoskeleton accentuate the design and connect at critical nodes for structural stability. Balconies are recessed behind the exoskeleton so that the position of the glazing line appears like a facetted crystal, contrasting the material of the exoskeleton and animating the design, especially under the continuously changing lighting conditions of the Miami sun.

What drew you to Miami for this project?
ZH: Miami is becoming more and more global every year. We think this is the perfect time to make a unique impact on Miami’s skyline that will define it in a new way. One Thousand Museum’s location in Downtown on Biscayne Boulevard is also a unique placement as this area is increasingly becoming more central and appealing to an ultra luxury buyer.

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