Beauty Hacks from Backstage at Miami Swim Week

July 30, 2014 | by Christine Borges | Style & Beauty

We caught up with the beauty experts behind our favorite runway looks at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim to get their indispensable tips for summer hair, makeup, and nails. 

TRESemmé hair look at Gottex show.

Perfect summer curls at the Gottex show

Summer Curls Without Frizz 

Even at Swim Week, stylists encountered the same hair problems we all experience in Miami: flat locks and frizz. With a little trial and error, Mario Silvestri, cofounder of Junior & Hatter (2750 N.W. Third Ave. Wynwood, 305-571-8361) and lead stylist for Living Proof, came up with a solution that "held up on the hot runway.”

"On dry hair, I used the mousse to slightly moisten each section before I ironed it,” he told us. “Not only did it hold better, but it ultimately created a fuller and springier curl."

Sleek Hair How-To

TRESemmé stylist Tyler Laswell had an entirely different approach for Swim Week hair. Instead of fighting the endless battle against flyaways, he went with a "sleek, wet look." Here's how it's done:

  1. "Start by slipping an extra-wide black elastic headband on, leaving it around your neck."
  2. "Apply a generous amount of TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel and tightly comb the top section back, behind the ears."
  3. "Here is the hack: slip the headband on to hold the hair in place while it drys. Then use your defuser to dry the top section of hair.
  4. "Once dry, remove the headband and you will have your very own sexy, slicked-back look.”

Suboo Miami Swim Week makeup

The hair-and-makeup frenzy backstage at Suboo 

Makeup on Double Duty 

The sexy, effortless look at the Suboo runway presentation was easy to achieve because two products did double duty. Sacha Selhi, lead makeup artist at Vincent Longo, told us how:

  1. Put a touch of a two-in-one gel stain, like the brand's Lip and Cheek Gel Stain in Sweet Apollonia, onto cheeks and lips for a healthy glow.
  2. Dab a little Water Canvas Highlighter in Mermaid Muse onto the brow bone, into the center of the forehead, and down the bridge of the nose and into the bow of the lip. "It really makes the lips look sexy and full," Selhi said. 

Suboo Miami Swim Week nail

Bright nails backstage at Suboo 

Chip-Free Nails 

Zoya Creative Director Rebecca Isa knows the ins and outs of nail polish. Here, her tips for a chip- and bubble-free at-home mani that lasts: 

  1. Start with a clean, dry nail by using Remove + to take off old polish and clean the nail bed. "Even if nails are already bare, swipe a cotton pad soaked with Remove + over the nail prior to painting to remove any trace of particles or oils," she said. 
  2. All nails need a base coat, even if they're in great shape. If your nails have ridges or a rough surface, apply a smoothing base like Get Even
  3. Allow the base to fully dry before applying color. 

Did you know that different nail polish formulas dry at different rates? “This is why you may have noticed that some polishes shrink or dent when you mix brands," Isa said, and added that, no matter the brand, reapply a trusted top coat every other day to prolong polish. 

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