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June 01, 2010 | by BY JULIE BENSMAN | Talk of the Town

From left: Cassie Scerbo; Chelsea Hobbs, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo and Ayla Kell

She may play resident mean girl Lauren Tanner on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It, but offscreen, Cassie Scerbo is quite the opposite: peppy, charming and full of secrets about our favorite show.

OCEAN DRIVE: I know your diehard fans would kill me if I didn’t ask upfront—what can we expect this season? 
CASSIE SCERBO: Anything and everything! Fantastic gymnastics, competition, betrayals, love triangles, drama, make-ups, breakups….

Why do viewers love this show so much? 
Make It or Break It has the juicy drama that teens and adults love combined with the amazing world of gymnastics. Who doesn’t love that? The show is clean enough for children to watch with parents and entertaining enough for adults. I also think it’s a great way to show young girls how to take a stand in this world and to encourage everyone to chase their dreams.

Tell us about your character, Lauren. Why is she so fun to play? 
As one special director has said before, Lauren is the “vulnerable villain.” I have so much fun with this character! She’s just a really spicy troublemaker, yet a pained and vulnerable character.

And she looks good! How do you stay fit for the show? 
We try our absolute best to portray a gymnast’s figure, so beautiful and strong. We train with our gymnastics coordinator on set. We also sometimes work on the apparatuses on our actual set and I also have a personal trainer on my own. So basically, working out and eating healthy is the only way to go! We absolutely don’t have a choice due to the fact that we wear leos for a living!

Where are your favorite places to eat and drink in Miami? 
I love going to the Fontainebleau with my boyfriend [who recurs as Nicky on the show] to eat, swim and basically do anything. Some of my all-time favorite restaurants are actually a little further north: Anthony’s Runway 84 in Fort Lauderdale, Philomena’s in Pompano Beach, Trattoria Bella Cibo in Margate. Of course, my absolute favorite place to eat is right at home with my family, eating my mom and dad’s amazing food—especially our Sunday dinners. I’m telling you, my mom’s meatballs are unbeatable.

Spending five days a week on set, how do you find time to do anything else? 
It does takes up much of my time, but I don't mind because I have the best cast and crew in the world! I also just signed up for online college, so I’ll be squeezing that in anywhere I can, as having a degree has always been a really important thing to me. I also recently started up my own nonprofit organization called Nothing’s Impossible. Due to the show, I think my first project is going to be helping less financially fortunate gymnasts do what they love. I have seen the dedication, passion and drive that go into this sport and have such a large respect for gymnasts all around the world.

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